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Drebbieville AZ Hives

Drebbieville AZ Hive.jpg
Pre order AZ Hive.jpg

AZ Hives come from Slovenia and are a strong alternative to the common Langstroth hives.  With a Langstroth hive, the beekeeper must lift heavy boxes in order to get their work done.  For some of us this lifting just isnʼt possible. 

The Drebbieville is the first American produced AZ hive with accessible frames from the rear like a dollhouse, modified to familiar Langstroth dimensions. The Drebbieville hive eliminates the heavy work of beekeeping!

We are taking pre-orders to be delivered the week of the August 13-17, during the EAS Conference.  A Drebbieville AZ Hive expert will be on hand to further explain the benefits.

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