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Introducing Api-Bioxal, your trusted ally in the war against Varroa destructor mites. These external parasites pose a significant threat to your beloved honey bees and if left unchecked, they could wipe out your entire colony. With our oxalic acid solution, specially approved by the E.P.A. and devised under the expertise of the USDA, you can ensure a safe, reliable defense against these menacing mites.

With this comprehensive package, you can safeguard between 200-350 colonies, depending on your chosen application method. Need to treat a different number of colonies? We've got you covered.

Here's what sets Api-Bioxal apart:

  • Api-Bioxal is the sole E.P.A.-approved oxalic acid available on the market, designed exclusively for honey bee protection.
  • It is safe for use even when honey supers are present on the hive.
  • Api-Bioxal works optimally on colonies with minimal or no brood.
  • Remember, safety first! Always gear up with a protective mask, gloves, glasses, and long-sleeved clothing when handling and applying oxalic acid.
  • Over-treatment is detrimental. Avoid conducting multiple treatments on each generation of summer or winter bees.
  • For the most effective defense against reinfestation, treat all hives in your apiary simultaneously.


  • This package includes a 350g Api-Bioxal, capable of treating 200 colonies using the dribble method and 350 colonies via the vaporization/sublimation method.
  • Api-Bioxal can be administered through either the dribble method or the vaporization/sublimation method. For packaged bees, a spray method can be used following the instructions provided on the Api-Bioxal label.
  • Routine treatments against varroa are imperative to maintain the health and vitality of your honey bee colonies.
  • Please be aware, this product is currently not available in California.

Dribble Method Instructions:

  • Create a 1:1 sugar syrup solution, dissolving 35g of oxalic acid into 1L of the syrup.
  • Using a syringe or applicator, dribble 5ml of this syrup/oxalic mix onto the bees in each occupied space.
  • Maximum dosage: 50ml per colony.

Vaporization/Sublimation Method Instructions:

  • Seal off the hive's entrance and any cracks with tape.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use the vaporizer.
  • Administer 1g of Api-Bioxal per brood chamber.

Important: Always wear protective gear, including a mask, gloves, glasses, and long-sleeved clothing when handling and applying oxalic acid.

Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid 350g

SKU: APB-350
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